Brussels Beer Project - in a few words ? It's a collaborative project using co-creation to become more innovative & daring and to bring fresh air into a sometimes too conservative Belgian craft brewing scene !


The idea is to tap into co-creation and forget about the copy-pasting of the past. We're proud to be born in 2013 and not in 1492 ! We breathe the contemporary Brussels, a cosmpolitan town that lives and evolves.

Hey ho, let's go!

With our new urban brewery, situated in Dansaert 188, we move on to the next level in co-creation and we invite you to discover our new flavour bombs.

Crowdfunding & #BeerForLife

BEER FOR LIFE is our annual crowdfunding club which give access to 12 beers ... every year ... for Life! If you're interested and don't want to miss the next wave, please send a quick mail to

Not only the financial support but also the positive energy we received from this great community has been overwhelming and will bring us even further ! We don't have the means of Big Industrials - so your enthusiasm & word of mouth allow us to take on this adventure and look into the future for wilder adventures !

Today we are supported by about 2,500 crowdfunders. Thanks to you, we were able to start our project in 2013, fund our Brussels based brewery in 2015 and recruit more talent & invest in more machines in 2016!