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what do we drink this month?

dimi introduces you to your new best friends that are gonna squat your fridge

for september & october!

"Beautiful can made by Chrostin (an Antwerp artist)"

stone crush

Juicy IPA

ABV 6% - IBU 12 - EBC 20

Words from Dimi

A cool can for a cool beer. Designed by Antwerp illustrator Chrostin. The hops come crushing in and reel you in for the first sip! A great combo of American & Australian hop varieties are providing big notes of citrus, pineapple and stone fruit. The malt bill is soft & smooth for a proper juicy drinking experience.

Tropical, citrus and stone fruit, provided by the big load of hops used in this recipe. Juicy mouthfeel. Lingering hoppy taste.


Malt: Pale, Regenerative Pilsner, Oats, Wheat, Cara20.
Belgian Hops: HBC, Cryo Pop, Azacca, Galaxy, Idaho 7, Cashmere.
Yeast: Verdant.

"New recipe"

The Splash

New England Style IPA

ABV 6% - IBU 20 - EBC 13

Words from Dimi

Splash is an exclusive re-run of this NEIPA we released last year. With a few changes in the hop bill but still the focus is on big tropical & citrusy hop aromas, a soft bitterness and a velvety & full-bodied IPA. You won’t see this beer re-appear anywhere so enjoy these two precious cans ;)

Juicy mouthfeel, low bitterness, topped up with refreshing citrusy and tropical aromas.


Malt: Pure Local Pilsner, Malted Wheat, Oat Malt, Dextrine Malt .
Hops: HBC 682, Cryo Pop, Ekuanot Cryo, El Dorado.
Yeast: Verdant.

"New Brewer's Edition"

Session IPA

Session IPA

ABV 4.9% - IBU 50 - EBC 21

Words from Dimi

A new Brewer’s Edition beer in this box, designed by our Port Sud brewer Emily. This is a sub-5% & sessionable IPA with a West-Coast profile. Piney, resinous & grapefruity hop aromas, a refreshing bitterness, balanced out with a slightly maltier malt bill. Feedback always welcome!

Easy drinking IPA, dry, refreshing, bitter aftertaste. Resinous and piney aromas backed up by citrusy/grapefruity notes.


Malt: Pale Ale, Pilsner Pure Local, Dextrine Malt, Malted Wheat, Munich, Cara 20.
Hops: HBC 682, Idaho 7, Columbus, Chinook, Centennial.
Yeast: US05.

"Delta IPA 10 YEARS Edition"

Delta IPA 10Y

Saison IPA

ABV 6% - IBU 45 - EBC 17

Words from Dimi

The Queen of IPA’s in Belgium. A classic! Celebrate the 10th anniversary of BBP and Delta. Not your average Belgian beer. It’s aromatic hops, bring notes of lychee and passion fruit before surprising you with a frank and indefinite thirst-quenching bitterness. The saison yeast strain adds a Belgian touch by bringing some spice and finishing dry. Delta is our first beer. Launched in 2013 when IPA’s were still relatively unknown in Belgium. It’s deeply involved in the process of co-creation, elected by more than 850 Brussels residents in the summer of 2013, against 3 other prototypes ( Alpha, Beta and Gamma). Today she remains THE star among the All-Stars. Discover or revisit this exotic view of Brussels!

Tropical fruit notes from the great hops used. Lychee, Passion Fruit, Guava. Backed up by spice notes given by the yeast. Fresh, bitter and dry aftertaste.


Malt: Pale Ale.
Hops: Challenger, Cascade, Mosaic, Citra.
Yeast: Belle Saison. 

"Efarmz Collab"


Beetroot & Pear Farmhouse Saison

ABV 5.5% - IBU 30 - EBC 20

Words from Dimi

This is our collab with eFarmz, supplier of local & organic produce. For this Saison we worked with Belgian beets & pears. A complex red beer with classic Saison yeast aroma’s, earthy beet notes, coconut aroma’s from the hop and a refreshing bitterness.

Beetroot, earthy & coconut aromas. Fruity & spice aromas from the Farmhouse yeast.


Malt: Pilsner, Wheat, Oat Flakes, Rye & Cara 20.
Hops: Hallertau Mittelfrüh, Hallertau Blanc, Challenger & Sorachi Ace.
Yeast: Farmhouse.
Extra: Beetroots & pears.

"The guest beer of the moment"

Pils 13 export

by DOK Brewing Company

ABV 3.5% - IBU 25 - EBC 10

Words from Dimi

As usual we showcase a beer from a befriended guest brewery. This time we present you a beer from our friends from DOK Brewing/Pils 13 in Ghent. They have great range of styles and experimentation going on, we love what they do! Here’s their Export Pilsner, a beer that’s perfect for those sunny autumn days, just a soft bitter beer after a long day.

BEERCLUB july-august

what do we drink this month?

dimi introduces you to your new best friends that are gonna squat your fridge

for july & august!

"Lazy summer is here"

lazy panda

Regenerative Belgian Blond

ABV 4.9% - IBU 17 - EBC 13

Words from Dimi

A new (All-) Star is in town! Lazy Panda is an easy-going beer that’s a no-brainer in your fridge! Made with all Belgian hops and 85% barley from regenerative farming just outside Brussels. It’s citrusy & grassy, lightly sweet & bitter. With Lazy Panda, every day feels like a lazy Sunday; and who doesn’t like Pandas, right?!

Beers don’t always need to be crazy, right?! When they anonymously go in-& out of your fridge it’s a good sign.


Malt: Local pils berley from regenerative agriculture malted wheat.
Belgian Hops:Magnum, Merkur, Sorachi ACE.
Yeast: S33.

"New 37.5cl DANSAERT"

saison x lambic (Dansaert)

Mixed-fermentation Saison & Lambic

ABV 5.5%

Words from Dimi

DANSAERT beers come with extra layers of complexity. The dozens of different yeast & bacteria in mixed- & spontaneous fermentation bring fruity esters, spicy phenols, different acids and plenty other great flavours and aromas. The Saison x Lambic combines all this with a beautiful fruity dry-hop of American hops. This beer will also evolve over time as the refermentation and ingredients keep interacting over time. Great to try now and get another bottle or 2 for later in time!

"Sister of Tante Tatin"

quad appl


ABV 10% - IBU 20 - EBC 87

Words from Dimi

Quad Appl is a big beer, but doesn’t necessarily taste like the 10% it says on the can… Its malty & sweet backbone taste give it a dessert-like sensation, especially with the apples and touch of cinnamon-like phenols from the yeast. A nice finisher for a late summer night!


Malt: Pale, munich, oat malt, special b, coffee mroost 450.
Hops: Goldings, crystal, challenger.
Yeast: T58.
Extra: Circular apple juice.

"The brewer's favourite"

dbl wst ipa

Double West Coast IPA

ABV 7.5% - IBU 45 - EBC 32

Words from Dimi

DBL WST IPA is resinous & bitter, a throwback to plenty of the BBPs brewers first experiences with IPAs. With a bit of caramel notes and malty stickiness it balances out the bitterness nicely and hides it’s 7.5% quite well. We love it ;)


Malt: Pale, malted wheat, munich, cara 20.
Hops: HBC682, cryo pop, columbus, el dorado, idaho 7.
Yeast: Verdant. 

"Enjoy your 2 last Wunder Lager"

wunder lager

Hoppy Lager

ABV 3.8% - IBU 24 - EBC 4

Words from Dimi

The end of an era! We loved this light and clean lager made in a modern way. Refreshing, crisp & thirst-quenching and full of notes of citrus from the delicious hops. We’ll miss you Wunderlager!


Malt: Pure local pilsner.
Hops: Cascade, citra, columbus, mosaic.
Yeast: W34/70.

"The guest beer of the moment"

berliner weisse

Berliner Weisse (by Brasserie de la Mule)

ABV 3.5%

Words from Dimi

Again we’re very happy to showcase another local brewery. Brasserie de la Mule opened in 2021, 60 years after the last brewery in Schaarbeek closed. Their focus?! German style beers and some Saisons. To showcase La Mule we chose their Berliner Weisse for this box, a wheat beer soured with lactic bacteria to create a very refreshing & light summer beer. Cheers!

BEERCLUB may-june

what do we drink this month?

dimi introduces you to your new best friends that are gonna squat your fridge

for may & june!

"Summer is coming..."

summer haze 23

Session New England IPA

ABV 4.2% - IBU 15 - EBC 13

Words from Dimi

Summer is slowly approaching so time for the Summer Haze to make a comeback! We released this pop-up beer for the first time in 2018 and there’s a good reason it keeps reappearing. Citrusy, juicy, refreshing and creamy even though it’s just 4.2%. Perfect for the upcoming BBQs and longer summer nights. A different hop combo this year, let us know if you like it!

Light straw color, hoppy notes of melon, citrus, gooseberry. Silky, refreshingly bitter & thirst-quenching.


Malt:Local regenerative malt, wheat malt, oat malt & dextrine malt.
Hops: Cryo Pop, Pink Boots blend, Sabro, El Dorado, Cashmere Cryo, Ekuanot Cryo & Enigma.
Yeast: Verdant.

"Discover the new recipe!"

babylone 23

Circular IPA with bread

ABV 5.5% - IBU 45 - EBC 48

Words from Dimi

At the end of last year we decided to throw our famous Babylone beer back into the Prototype mix and let it battle against 3 new recipes with unsold bread. A new recipe won and we think it made the beer even more accessible! This will give us the chance to recycle more bread in the future than we do today, which is about 10 ton of waste bread per year. The future is circular!

Light amber color, notes of caramel, toasted bread, dried fruit, red currants & pine. Malty, rye spice, grassy bitter taste.


Malt: Pure Local Pilsner, Munich, Biscuit, Special B & Rye malt.
Hops: Magnum, Cascade, Sorachi Ace & Chinook .
Yeast: US-05.
Extra: Unsold fresh local bread

"The evolution of grosse bertha"

tripel bertha

Tripel Blanche

ABV 7.5% - IBU 28 - EBC 14

Words from Dimi

Also the Grosse Bertha recipe has seen an evolution but don’t worry, it’s nothing too drastic, it mainly involves a fermentation with a different yeast. Tripel Bertha has a little bit more booze & body but still has the familiar balance between sweetness and bitterness and the classic aromas of banana, clove & bubblegum. We hope you like it as much as before, or even more!

Light straw color, notes of clove, banana & bubblegum. Mildly sweet, gently bitter & slightly spicy.


Malt: Pilsner, Wheat malt & Unmalted wheat.
Hops: Challenger, Magnum & Smaragd.
Yeast: Hefeweizen.

"The brewer's favourite"

dbl red ipa

Double Red IPA

ABV 7% - IBU 50 - EBC 30

Words from Dimi

DBL Red IPA was a more bitter competitor for the new Babylone competition. It’s a brewer’s favourite but didn’t make the cut! It’s big, with a creamy mouthfeel, notes of caramel, roastiness and strawberry aromas. All Belgian hops from Hoppecruyt in this recipe: Magnum, Cascade, Merkur and their own variety Hoppecruyt-1.

Caramel, roasty & strawberry with a creamy mouthfeel.


Malt: Caramel, roasty & strawberry with a creamy mouthfeel.
Hops: Magnum, Cascade, Merkur, Hoppecruyt-1.
Yeast: US-05
Extra: Unsold bread

"Efarmz collab"


Beetroot & Pear Farmhouse Saison

ABV 5.5% - IBU 30 - EBC 20

Words from Dimi

This is our collab with eFarmz, our (& your) supplier of local & organic produce. For this Saison we worked with Belgian beets & pears. A complex red beer with classic Saison yeast aroma’s, earthy beet notes, coconut aroma’s from the hop and a refreshing bitterness.

Beetroot, earthy & coconut aromas. Fruity & spice aromas from the Farmhouse yeast.


Malt: Pilsner, Wheat, Oat Flakes, Rye & Cara 20.
Hops: Hallertau Mittelfrüh, Hallertau Blanc, Challenger & Sorachi Ace.
Yeast: Farmhouse.
Extra: Beetroots & pears

"The guest beer of the moment"

amazonia erotica

American IPA (by Brasserie Surréaliste)

ABV 6.2%

Words from Dimi

One year ago we saw the beer scene in the Dansaert street getting a bit busier with the arrival of our friends over at Surrealiste. A very nice artsy addition and a cool Taproom to add to your brewery crawl! Here we present their Amazonia Erotica, an American IPA with Mosaic, El Dorado and Vic Secret. Cheers!


dimi introduces you to your new best friends that are gonna squat your fridge

for march & april!

"Our tribute to the women’s power!"

Our tribute to the women’s power!



ABV 6.5% - IBU 22 - EBC 14

Words from Dimi

A massive dry-hop with the Pink Boots hop blend will dominate the aroma with citrus, tropical, pine and floral notes. Hazy with a unique combination of American hops and Belgian yeast for some spicy undertones and extra drinkability!


Malt: Pilsner, Wheat, Unmalted Wheat, Oat Flakes, Dextrine Malt.
Hops: Idaho 7, Pink Boots Blend ( Loral, HBC586, Ekuanot).
Yeast: Wit.

"An all-time favourite pop-up is back"

An all-time favourite pop-up is back

arctic summer

Cold IPA

ABV 6% - IBU 15 - EBC 11

Words from Dimi

Bright, clean & crisp body, refreshing finish, perfect for any time of the year. Aroma of Tropical fruit, Citrus with Juicy notes of pineapple, grapefruit and lemon boosting the experience. Perfect balance of bitterness, crispiness and juicy flavours!


Malt: Pilsner, Rice Flakes, Corn Flakes.
Hops: Simcoe, Centennial, Cryo Mosaic, El Dorado and Amarillo.
Yeast: W34/70.  

"An experiment straight from our beer tanks"

An experiment straight from our beer tanks


West Coast Triple IPA

ABV 10.5% - IBU 51 - EBC 35

Words from Dimi

A powerful combination of pine, grapefruit, stone fruit and tropical fruit and a flavour profile which boasts a strong bitterness and a complex array of hop flavours, including resinous pine, zesty citrus, sweet stone fruit and tangy tropical fruit. Full and robust body with a intense and lingering bitterness. Quite a hop forward experience!


Malt: Maris Otter, Pale Ale, Malted Wheat, Biscuit, Chocolate Rye.
Hops: Goldings, Crystal, Chinook, Cascade, El Dorado, Cryo Ekuanot.
Yeast: US-05.  

"Another experiment to push the boundaries of taste"

Another experiment to push the boundaries of taste


Orange Popsicle Inspired NEIPA

ABV 6.2% - IBU 40 - EBC 15

Words from Dimi

An explosive aroma of fresh orange juice and tropical fruit, with hints of pine and resinous hop notes. Juicy flavours of mango, passion fruit, citrus along with a smooth and creamy, yet bitter mouthfeel. The orange Zest and the juice provide a refreshing burst of sweetness and tangy profile backed up by an assertive bitterness. The hop varieties add layers of complexity with notes of stone fruit, black pepper, lemon. A lingering fruity and hoppy aftertaste that will leave you wanting more.


Malt: Pilsner Malt, Malted Wheat, Oat Malt, Dextrine Malt.
Hops: Simcoe 301 Cryo, Cryo Pop, Talus Cryo, Cryo Cashmere, Galaxy
Yeast: Verdant.
Extra: Malto-Dextrine, Orange Juice & Zest.

"Differents labels, same beer!"

Differents labels, same beer!


Belgium Pale Ale

ABV 5% - IBU 40 - EBC 12

Words from Dimi

Easy drinking Pale Ale without Belgian yeast flavors but playing with some nice local hops. For this beer, we use 20% of unsold fresh bread; regenerative pils malt and more local hops.


20% bread.
Malt: Pilsner & Wheat.
Hops: Magnum, Merkur & Sorachi.
Notes: Coconut, pineapple, dill, pine & a little salty.

"The guest beer of the moment"

The guest beer of the moment


NEIPA (by La Source)

ABV 7% - IBU 40 - EBC 14

Words from Dimi

The flagship IPA from La Source, brewed the way they love it: fruity & light! The distinctive Citra and Barbe Rouge hop combo gives the beer its unique signature of strawberry and citrus - and at 7% and 40 IBU it has a bitter kick.


An IPA the way we love it: fruity & light! The Barbe Rouge hop gives the beer its unique signature: notes of berries and citrus.
Malt: Pils, spelt, sugar.  
Hops: Citra, Barbe Rouge, Colombus.



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