Our dna

We built the project based on collaboration, experimentation & positive impact.

Leave the abbey, join the playground!

Born in 2013 with Olivier & Sébastien, the project has been supported by an active community from the early days. It represents an alternative view of Brussels: multicultural, contemporary & vibrant!

Belgium is no dusty beer museum and we’re on a mission to keep writing the beer story of today and tomorrow.

We brew one new beer every 2 months, we welcome brewers from all around the world and our community is always engaged.

Beyond beer, we want to set an example of a responsible company and be a reason of pride in our community. We made the first beer made of unsold bread in the world, now a symbol of circular economy, already 5 years ago and have been pushing our own boundaries ever since.

Our community

We are a project, organic & bottom up. Not a top down rigid structure.

We have our community at our core: they picked our first beer, Delta IPA, and helped us fund the project throughout its life. We started with 369 crowdfunders back in 2013 and we now count on over 5500 enthusiasts who keep challenging us every day.

4 prototypes. 1 will survive. You choose!

This is how everything started and our community keeps us on our toes by electing the best beers every year. That beer then becomes a permanent “All Star”.

12 beers. Every year. For life!

This was our promise back in 2013 and we’re glad that so many of you believed in our chance and too the risk to support the idea.10 years on, we’re a small yet growing brewery and kept the same promise. Every year, we welcome new members to join the ride & get behind the curtains with special advantages.

Collaborations withmakers & doers

In the past years, we have welcomed in Brussels or visited dozens of brewers from all around. From Kyoto, Buenos Aires, Québec, Sao Paulo, Barcelona or Copenhagen, just to name a few. We have also made collaborations with other amazing craft makers such as Dandoy or Forcado and artists such as Le Motel or Editors. Every time, it’s all about sharing, learning & having fun in the process! Those collaborations mean a great deal for us!


We brew like we cook.

Cigar leaves from Nicaragua, flowers from Japan, pasteis de nata from the best Portuguese bakery in town, you name it, we brew it! In our team of 30+ people, we count on 10 nationalities and the ideas flow at the speed of light. Our team of brewers, alone, come from Brazil, UK, US, Portugal & Belgium. Expect fireworks!

It’s part of the homebrewing culture that started the project & feels natural to us. We’re sometimes asked if we start lacking fresh ideas for designing new beers after the few hundreds brewed in the last years. The response is clear: we’re always keen on trying something new!


Brewing means so much to a city like Brussels, to a country like Belgium. It’s more than beer, it’s something to fight for & to look up to.

We want to brew more than beers and make as much sense as possible.Our circular economy projects are trailblazers and we now closed the loop by making beer from unsold bread and making bread from our own spent grain.

We now recycle over 10 tons of bread per year. We are also shooting for Bcorp status in 2022 and we’re already working with C02 Logic to track & reduce our footprint. Our new brewery in Anderlecht will produce enough solar energy to cover our electrical needs and the hot water resulting from our production process will be our only source of heating.

Most of the raw materials that we use to produce our beers come from independent local suppliers, mainly from top Belgian malting companies. This practice will be preserved, if not increased, regardless of growth or scale.

Beyond this, while realizing that we’ll make mistakes along the way, we aim to be a reason of pride for our community and lead by example.

Babylone NEW - Brussels Beer Project
Babylone NEW - Brussels Beer Project
Babylone NEW - Brussels Beer Project
Babylone NEW - Brussels Beer Project


Bread IPA, the first beer brewed with recycled bread 🥖

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