The quarantine has forced us to step out of our comfort zone and demonstrate creative innovation. It has also enabled us to see once again the power of community, as well as it’s many dimensions. Together with En Stoemelings, La Source and No Science, we created the “Smells like Brussels Spirit” bringing our four universes together in a bottle.

100% Brussels. Zero-waste at heart.

It’s no secret that the Horeca sector has suffered huge losses because of the lockdown. Having already partnered for “Support your local breweries” t-shirt, aware that we’re in this together, we tackled another issue: what do we do with the kegs left in storage from the lockdown?

The brewers have a track record of thinking outside the box. Together with Brussels Distillery, based in Scharbeek, they have once again outdone themselves by distilling thousands of beers into only just over 1000 bottles ‘eau de bière’: a 37.5° spirit between peket and gin. Inspired by our beloved home, it is infused with Iris flowers, but also with a touch of java pepper, orange bark, coriander and Cardamone.

Local artist François Tusseki, whose work is already featured on our solidarity t-shirt, has once again been called up to create the visual identity of the new spirit, joining these 4 breweries in a single bottle.

Let’s make the heart of Brussels live again!

“Smells Like Brussels Spirit” launches in bars on July 9th giving you the opportunity to rediscover the ‘îlot sacré’ through a path joining no less that ten Brussels bars and cafes:  Au bassin, Barbeton , BBP, Cabaret Mademoiselle, Fontainas, Kfk hope, Mappa Mundo, Moeder Lambic Fontainas, Metteko , Monk, Roi des belges, Walvis & Zebra. Each created a unique cocktail recipe with the “Smell like Brussels Spirit”.

If you cannot wait until next Thursday to taste it, the Spirit is already available for sale in the shops of each brewery and their respective e-shops. They will soon also be available in all the best shops and cafes of the city.

Our chief ambassador and cocktail master Mathias (@liquidmath) designed a special cocktail for you to try at home:

s m e l l s l i k e b r u x e l l e s
- 2oz/60ml Smells Like Brussels Spirit
- 1oz/30ml lemon juice
- .75oz/22ml thyme syrup
- Foamer agent (eg. egg white)
- Absinthe mist

Dry shake, shake with ice, double strain. Absinthe mist. For added absinthe punch, mist the inside of glass before straining as well. You know you want to.